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Hard Lures

Fishing Lures come in a fantastic variety of colors. You'll find effective lures in anything from near-perfect natural shadings to the most bizarre, radioactive hues. Given the right conditions, any of them can take fish.
    In general, you should select your lure color based on local forage and water conditions. In clear water and clear skies, the fish have good visibility. This means they can see movement from a long way off and can distinguish colors very well. Start with natural food colors like lifelike, silver or bronze for baitfish imitations, or dark reds and browns for crawfish.
    With less visibility or light, natural colors won't be quite as visible. "Hotter" colors such as chartreuse, bubblegum pink, or flame red work well in stained water or cloudy skies. In very murky or dark water, the solid silhouette of a dark purple or black lure tends to work as well or better than a very hot color. Alternatively, matching a dark lure with a hot trailer, or vice versa, creates a stark visual contrast that makes the presentation more visible.