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Minnow baits are designed to float on the surface until they're tugged. Then their front lip pulls them under the water and gives them a tight wobble that looks a lot like a struggling baitfish. Don't be in a hurry to start your retrieve right after you've cast a minnow. Let it rest in the water for a while. Then start with a couple light twitches. Increase the intensity of your twitches until you get a reaction. You can try a jerk-pause-jerk retrieve, or maintain tension during your retrieve to keep the plug just under the surface of the water.
Choose sizes and colors that best imitate the baitfish or fry in the water. Because minnow plugs make the least amount of commotion on the surface, they're best suited for calm surface conditions and clear water. They also have a very natural appearance and can entice strikes even while they're floating motionless on the water.