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The popper plug is a floating surface lure that gets its name from the sound it makes during the retrieve: give the lure a quick tug and it makes a popping sound against the water. This sound is created by the lure's concave face, which catches water and spits it forward the "pop." Retrieving techniques vary: try a pop-pause-pop approach; or a medium-speed retrieve with repeated pops; or short bursts of pops followed by a long rest. Another popular technique is "chugging" a long series of quick short tugs with just an occasional brief rest. Chugging lets you cover a lot of water in a hurry, but don't go so fast that you're pulling the lure under.
Walking baits are hard-bodied baitfish imitations that have virtually no action of their own. They're designed to let the angler create all the movement. This technique, which gave the lure its name, is called "walking the dog." To do this, hold your rod tip low and use a jerk-pause-jerk retrieve, keeping a steady rhythm. As you get better at controlling the plug, try gentle gliding retrieves, a sputtering escape, and zig-zagging motions in the water an action that often drives bass wild. Walking baits can also be effective on pike, muskie, white bass, and stripers.