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Fishing Lures Topwater Frogs FG43KB
2 1/5 inch 3/8 oz

$ 9.00

Length: 2 1/5 inch (5.6 cm) 
Weight: 3/8 oz (10.6 g) 
Depth: Topwater

5 Hollow Body Frogs in one Tackle Box
Detail Colors and Realistic Body Design
Weedless design to enable anglers to cast into thick bush or super heavy cover 
Silicone rubber legs respond to every movement of your rod tip
A new level on the topwater fishing 



Our lures are factory adjusted for average performance, you may need to tune your lures to get their best performance in water.
Before first time use
You may need to drop extra glue in the eyelets of hooks and tow point. It is helpful to seal your lure completely. 

When you want to tune your lure?
If your lure is not swimming straight like pulling to one side, swimming on the surface, rolling in the water. You may need to tune your lure.

How to tune your lure?
Simply bending the tow point on the bib or nose of the lure to the direction the lure needs to go to swim straight, use long nosed pliers to do this and bend it a little bit at each time. Bend it, re-test it, bend it, re-test it and keep doing this until you get your lure goes straight. Your last bend will be so small you won't even be able to see it. The better you make this adjustment the better the lure will run.

The rules
If the lure swims to LEFT side, bend tow point to the right.
If the lure swims to RIGHT side, bend tow point to the left.